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CNC Machine

Precision like no other.

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With a WorkBee CNC Machine, you can cut a huge range of materials including:

  • Foams

  • Plastics

  • Woods

  • Carbon Fibre

  • Aluminium

  • Everything inbetween

Materials can be cut 44mm the whole way through. The WorkBee Z1 is insanely accurate... ± 0.1mm is achievable on all sizes of the WorkBee Z1+ CNC Machine with it’s lead screw drive system. With this level of accuracy, even PCBs can be manufactured on the WorkBee CNC Machine.


Member experts can help you with your project or provide hand holding for the initial post induction workshop. We also have hire an expert if you need more individual help for some of the more advance hackspace equipment.




members projects

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Just some of the project created by our members on the laser cutter!

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