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Q.When can i use machine x?

Most of the equipment has an induction requirement and once the induction has been completed a handholding require see below, for more information around induction levels and handing holding


q.Induction & Handholding

With most of the equipment within The Hackspace requires some level of induction, the more dangerous the machine the more training and handholding time is required. What type of induction level a machine requires can be found on their equipment page.

Level 1

Minimal induction required, 1 induction workshop

Level 2

Machines requiring level 2 induction, are more complex some times more dangerous or both. These Machines require training and longer hand hold

Hand Holding

Most machines have a handholding period post induction, these means there should be someone who is consider an "expert" ( see equipment page for who ) around and able to provide help when you use some equipment during this period.


Q.I've Signed up now what

First welcome to The Hackspace, now your a member we'll need to book you in for a in person induction


q.My membership ran out

It happens, just re signup as and do a new membership, you wont need to redo space inductions or anything like that


q.I cant remember how to use a machine

If you've had a induction but its been a while, i recommend reaching out to a machine expert see the equipment page and/or jumping on discord to ask for some help!