Exciting Announcements incoming...


12 Apr 2022

First thing's first, we need to say a massive thank you to our Steering Committee, everyone who came to help us prepare for our Open Evening (special thanks to Annie for coming to help us clean every single day), and everyone who came along on the night to support us (Lucas, your tour was something else).


On to the exciting stuff! We have two new machines in the dirty workshop:

Charnwood B350 14" Premium Bandsaw https://www.machinery4wood.co.uk/Charnwood-B350-14-Premium-Woodworking-Bandsaw-Package-Deal-with-3-British-Blades/P14838

Charnwood W670 12" Panel Saw with Sliding Beam https://www.poolewood.co.uk/product/charnwood-w670-12-panel-saw-with-sliding-beam-w670/?v=79cba1185463

Don't forget to book your inductions for the new machines!


Okay, last thing, I promise! Tyler wants to start running group engineering projects here at The HackSpace if there's enough interest. The first proposed project will be a Ping Pong Ball Launcher so if you've ever wanted to 'accidentally' smack Tyler with a ping pong ball, now's your chance. We're thinking groups of four for the project. If you have any feedback, or you'd be interested in participating, pop me an email so I can gauge interest.


As always, let me know if you need anything and have a great day :)

- Lawren