Spring Spruce-Up & Open Day


17 Mar 2022

Hello hello,

Just to let everyone know, we are going be closed between 4th-6th of April for a Spring Spruce-Up. The space needs a little love, machines need maintenance, and dust needs dusting! Feel free to come along and lend a hand if you're able to.

Now for the fun part! We re-open on the 7th April for our first Open Evening (wahoo)! It's a great opportunity for people to come and have a nosey, meet the team, and see what we're about. Tell your friends, family, neighbours, neighbours' dogs (woof) and whoever else will listen.

The HackSpace now has business cards and flyers too, so if you've ever struggled trying to explain what we do here to a friend, no more! Just throw them a flyer and be on your merry way.

As always, let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to help.

- Lawren