Upcoming May Workshops


29 Apr 2022

Good afternoon, you lovely lot, We've scheduled in a shed load of inductions during May on our Eventbrite, including the following: 30/04/22, 11AM - Vinyl Cutter Induction 03/05/22, 6PM - Bandsaw Induction 04/05/22, 6PM - Laser Cutter Induction 07/05/22, 11AM - Filament 3D Printer Induction 18/05/22, 6PM - Laser Cutter Induction 21/05/22, 11AM - Filament 3D Printer Induction As well as inductions, don't forget we have our monthly Board Game Night scheduled in on 19/05/22 at 7PM. Please come, we can't keep letting Pete win. We also have the incredible Dilraj Kaur (https://www.instagram.com/dilraj_ky/) hosting a one off Kundalini Yoga session here at The HackSpace. Dil started practicing Kundalini in 2008 and it has since transformed her life. We're extremely excited to welcome Dil into The HackSpace (06/05/22, 7PM start) with open arms and hope you will too. To view or book any of our inductions or events, click the button below:

Laser Cutter Induction

Learn how to safely use our laser cutter. Learn machine usage, materials selection, cutting speeds, etc. After this induction, you will be supervised for approximately 10 hours of cut time (at your convenience when you plan on using the machine). Once completed, you will be able to freely use the machine on your own.

Bandsaw Induction

Have you seen our fancy 14" Vertical Bandsaw? Tis lovely, isn't it? Why not get inducted and learn how to use it safely and get knee deep in a whole world of fancy new projects! An absolute must for anyone wishing to add to their woodworking skills base.