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The HackSpace will be at the heart of Peterboroughs creative activity. A diverse community of designers, makers, engineers, dreamers, thinkers and do-ers will be here, day in, day out bringing their ideas to life and making dreams a reality. 

You can be a part of that.

We are inviting local businesses, of any size, to be involved and support this amazing hub of creatives. By sponsoring The HackSpace, not only are you putting your brand in front of a wide variety of talented individuals, you are supporting a network. You'll be giving back to a community, a family.



  1. To raise tech credentials of the city & invite greater investment in the city & its facilities

  2. To build an environment that incubates local entrepreneurs, businesses and innovation

  3. Create a community in Peterborough that focuses on the growth of its residents and businesses.

  4. Create a network of Artisans contributing to the citys cultural identity. 



By providing people with access to facilities that enable individuals or businesses to develop their skills and ideas, we create an environment that encourages organic home-growth. Currently, Peterborough exports its innovation and most innovative individuals to larger cities, we will provide a hub that promotes Peterborough as a Tech-centric city, changing people’s view of what the modern day techie looks like and where they work. 

Through a series of professionally led workshops, collaborations with local charities, schools and businesses, we create a platform for local creatives, engineers and innovators whilst upskilling workers through project-based learning. Members of The HackSpace will be able to dive into the world of coding, robotics, wearable tech & business development, Electronics, wood & metal working skills, CNC machining and data analysis, digital marketing and machine learning. Artisans will be able to share skills with the community whilst developing their personal goals. 

To promote The HackSpace, thus your business  we have a range of projects to increase engagement:

  • Digital & printed marketing

  • Advertising exposure in local publications & radio

  • Skills workshops held by other local businesses and local professionals

  • Monthly ‘Hackathon’ open to the public

  • Outreach programmes, visibility is schools, on the high street and in other local business media



Could your company benefit from a presence in the city’s first and only makerspace & co-working environment? We believe so! Your company will be the name associated with the first STEAM oriented makerspace and education centre in the city. You will be placed perfectly amongst professionals and start-ups most likely to pay attention to sponsor placement. As well as organic advertising in The HackSpace itself, you will automatically be exposed to other local charities and community groups and businesses we currently work with, effectively providing promotion amongst their circle also.

The HackSpace is a CIC, we are working with local charities, youth groups and other community organisations, exposing your company name to the good work other groups also do. 


From software engineers and Teachers to property developers and mechanics, digital marketers & inventors to youth groups and charities. You will be guaranteed to be visible amongst a diverse, and active community. 

Your business will have top visibility on our website, Social media and any printed media. Wherever The HackSpace goes, so do you. That could be a school, a trade show or exhibition or in the many promotional events we have planned in and around the city.

Aside from the promotion, you will be helping support the growth of this city.

There are many ways to sponsor The HackSpace, get in touch and we can have a chat about how sponsorship would best suit your company, we'll provide the coffee!